भारत भाषा नीति, एक नई सोच

भाषा हृदय से उभरती है और नीति बुद्धि से। दोनों की युक्ति से बनती है भाषा नीति। यह हम सबकी है, केवल प्रारम्भ हमनें किया है, सब के सहयोग से ही यह सपना साकार होगा।

Sankrant Sanu is an author, technologist and entrepreneur. He was a senior development manager at Microsoft where he co-founded Microsoft Sharepoint. He has been a serial entrepreneur since then, involved in startups in Seattle, Bay Area, Ottawa and Gurgaon. Some of his essays were published by Rupa in the book “Invading the Sacred.” He translated Hindi poet Prof. Mohinder Pratap’s works from Hindi into a compilation called “The Burning.” He has written for Rediff, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, Manushi and SeekingAlpha among others.

Sankrant is a Computer Science graduate of IIT Kanpur where he was a student of Dr. Rajiv Sangal (currently director IIIT Hyderabad), a pioneer in machine translation using a Sanskrit-based semantic model. Sankrant did graduate studies in Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin. He knows English, Hindi, Punjabi (Gurmukhi script) and is a student of Sanskrit via Sanskrit Bharati. He teaches the Art of Living course. He holds six technology patents and blogs at

Carl Clemens is a software developer and architect who currently works in Seattle. His education includes a masters in Public Policy and Administration. He has an interest in the philosophy of science, religion, and general semantics. He is literate in English, Hindi, Urdu and Persian, and is a student of Sanskrit. He is originally from Mumbai and Hyderabad and also studied in Coimbatore

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  1. Shri Sanu’s approach towards Bhasha Niti definitely deserves attention at the national level. He has pointed out many of the blatant lies on glorification of English Language ; his proposals regarding Indianization of Armed Forces and Government establishments by using Indian languages; the reason why English- by design- is being propped up and vernaculars are being discredited, definitely and urgently deserves attention at the highest level. See the only comment of Nanda Kishore on Shri Sanu’s dissertation on BHASHA NITI in this forum and realize that this is a typical view point of Anglophonic India (5-8% of the population). Sanu and his supporters must realize that vicious but effective marketing to prop up English in Indian scenario has bred two groups of supporters. One group supports the status quo because they are naïve and unaware of the ground reality which Sanu explains. Another group is collaborating with national and international agents to destroy creativity and productive forces of the Indian masses by imposing language barrier. Purpose is to eliminate potential competition that India may pose to the Western Monopolies. Approach to combat these two groups must be custom designed. All Indians with sense of self respect should take interest and join this program for their own interest.

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